Enbrite | Lift Utensils
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Lift Utensils

About This Project

Lift Kitchen Utensils

This line of kitchen utensils have a unique design that raises them off the countertop when set down to rest. Keeping the tool heard away from surface germs and counters clean. These utensils are heat resistant up to 400°F.

These utensils are slightly longer to make it easy to get in your large pots. Their weighted handle make the utensils easier to handle. The handle angle of the utensils is ergonomic and non slip to make for a comfortable experience.

Spoon: Deeper to scoop more.
Slotted Spoon: Wider to strain more.
Slotted Spatula: Sharper to get under and a better angle to easily flip comfortably
Turner: Sharp and pointy to get under fragile fried eggs.
Pasta Server: Deeper with spaghetti teeth designed at the perfect angle to pick up pasta at an ease.
Ladle: Deeper and its oval shape makes it easy when going between the pot and to the bowl.
Skimmer: Wider to get more vegetables from the steamer.

This product was designed for and is currently manufactured by Core Kitchen